Steak and Camelback Potatoes

To make the potato, take any type of potato and wash and clean it very well, then set it inside a wooden spoon.


Take a knife and slice the potato from the top until the knife touches the wooden spoon. This will give the potato a fanned look.

Place the potato in a baking dish, drench with melted butter and salt and pepper. Bake at 350 degrees for one hour.

Meanwhile, marinate the steaks. Any type of steak will do.


I always marinate my steaks in beer. Any beer will do. Then make a mixture of herbs to mix in with the beer to cover the steak. I used a McCormick Cajun spice blend. Marinate for an hour while the potatoes cook. 

Prepare the grill for the steaks. Then place the steaks onto the grill, and cook to your preference. I make mine medium rare.

Serve the steak with horseradish and the potatoes with sour cream. Yummy!

This dish is easy and simple to make. Enjoy!



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