Pie Day

Today I learned something valuable–do not wait until the “Eve” of anything to try something new. Experiment well ahead of when you need to have your culinary delight prepared. It is now 7:30 p.m. Arizona time, Thanksgiving Eve, and I do not, as of yet, have one pie baked:(

I found a supposed 100 year old pie crust recipe that I wanted to try out. I decided to use gluten-free flour and coconut flour in place of white flour. I also decided to use coconut oil in one batch and Crisco shortening in the other batch. Each batch would make three 9″ pie crusts. Two pecan pies and two pumpkin pies were on my list, (and still have to be made before this day is over!)

To make a long story short, and save the fun part for you to see in the video, I’m using Pillsbury ready-made pie crusts to make my pies:)

Go to YouTube and type in search, Grannie Cooks!

Have a good laugh watching the video, just remember, it’s my first time in front of camera, and I was very nervous.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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