The perfectly peeled boiled egg…

Today I am featuring my Mom again! She has a method of hard boiling eggs and peeling them, without the peels sticking to the eggs, that I want to share with you today. It works every time:)

ImageHere is my Mom. Her name is Melva Jean. She helps with a lot in the kitchen. She cleans up all the messes made by my constant cooking:)

ImageBring one dozen eggs to boil, and boil about 15 minutes.

ImageCarefully, drain the water out of the pan. This is how my Mom does it. I prefer to roll the whole thing into a colander and drain it that way.

Then shake the eggs around in the pot till the eggs start to crack.

ImageFill the pot halfway up with cold water and add about two cups of ice. Allow to sit until eggs are cold.

ImageAnd there you go! Easy to peel hard boiled eggs!


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